World Day Against Trafficking In Persons With Themes 2020

World Day Against Trafficking In Persons


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

Have you ever thought about any serious threat to humans and what are the after effects of any trade or deal? Well, here we are talking about human trafficking which is a serious warning to human dignity and its welfare.

Human trafficking is a business trade of the humans for various purposes like forced labour, sexual slavery and harassment, exploitation, extraction of organs like ovary or tissues in terms of forced marriage, forced child begging and many more. Human trafficking is a heinous crime which can occur in a country or even in trans-nationality. It is modern-day slavery of humans which involves fraud, molestation, force or coercion to gain any type of labour or commercial or financial sex act.

Every year’s record includes millions of women; children, as well as men, are trafficked
in various countries all around the world which also includes the United States. It is
estimated by the humans that trafficking results in billions of dollars of profit each and
every year.

The second most profitable trafficking is drug trafficking which is a form of
transactional offence. Human trafficking is a hidden offence as the sufferers don’t really
come forward and take a stand or seek help because of various reasons. The reasons
include language barriers, fear, and fear of laws and regulations. The trauma which is caused to them exploits them emotionally, psychologically, causes hardship lack of social network, etc.

So, the safety of every human or the public is of utmost importance. There are strict law
and enforcement against human trafficking and vulnerable actions are taken against
such traffickers. But to just create more awareness among the society and the citizens
World day against trafficking in persons is observed every year.

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What is World Trafficking day?

What is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons
What is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

To protect and preserve the humans and its rights, World trafficking day is observed every year on July 30th which helps in promoting and creating awareness about human trafficking and its issues among the people.

Although people are focused on National human trafficking awareness day the World against human trafficking in persons is different and was created by the United Nations and marked in the year 2014. Also, National Human trafficking awareness day was created in the year 2007.

It was established in the United States to raise this issue and create awareness in the country about human trafficking, slavery, and exploitation which became a nation’s concern and is a monstrous crime.

Trafficking in Persons:

There is a 2030 agenda for the growth of sustainable development which was adopted by the United Nations in the year 2015. This agenda is known as sustainable development and the era of the end of trafficking in the persons which is also a priority in global nations. Sadly, it is a crisis which needs to be resolved globally brings in knowledge and perception of situation or facts.

In recognition of trafficking in women and children, people have initiated to bring the issue on social media platforms and bring some serious and concluding conversations. The reason behind generating awareness among the public is to bring awareness to the victims and prevent future victims of trafficking.

There are many organizations which are involved in Trafficking in persons who help in erasing the child trafficking and run some campaigns for it. This day and platform are dedicated to bring light and sparkle in the darker lives of such victims and help raise their voices and fight against it.

Human trafficking consists of every part of the country and many people are victims of this act. So, the organizations and U.N. people encouraged the people with the symbol of hands and share various pictures across the social media using #igive hope.

The criminals generate a huge amount of business and profit and this industry has grown rapidly with the amount of $4000per victim. Let us forget about everything and save a life! This World day against trafficking in persons has brought about and will bring immense change in the society and its people.

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History of World Day Against Trafficking In Persons:

What is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons History And How to help
What is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons History And How to help

This day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly which determines that trafficking has been a serious crime and should be erased from the country gradually. UNODC, UNTOC (United Nations convention against Transitional Organized crime assists in the cause and attempt to implement the boundaries of the nation by preventing, suppressing and punishing the traffickers in persons.

It was the resolution which deals with the exploitation of the prostitution, or sexual exploitation forced labour services, slavery, removal of various organs, etc. These resolutions charge to serious punishments against the criminals according to the law.

How to help prevent Child and Women Trafficking Crime:

The basic problem of child and women trafficking is poverty. Poverty increases the state
of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed whether it is emotionally
or physically.

The children, men, and women in poverty lack basic knowledge, basic
education and have to expose themselves to uncertain situations to survive and fit into
the world. The children are being kidnapped at the gunpoint and also being sold out by
their family member at the cost of their innocence without getting noticed.

There are child sponsorship programs which help in combating the human trafficking and exploitation of the child and help them develop a well-nourished life. These programs know everything about the child’s life, the families and neighbourhoods. So, if anything is wrong they instantly notice and takes immediate action.

There are programs which provide child’s programming of 4-8 hours in a week and a minimum of 48 weeks in a year. The attendance of each child is taken and if the child doesn’t appear at the centre then a staff member checks the situation. And If the child is exploited, traumatized then the organizations act immediately and help in taking action.

We, as citizens of this universe globally, should help avoid such human trafficking and develop more sense in living and helping each other lead a better life! The World day against trafficking in persons helps create a better world through campaigns which helps in bringing awareness, various organizations spread the messages, legal resources help fight the victims and punish the criminals.

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How to help prevent Child and Women Trafficking Crime:

The theme draws attention to the issues faced by trafficked children and to possible action initiatives linked to safeguarding and ensuring justice for child victims.

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