Why Is Canada Day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts

Why Is Canada Day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts


Why Is Canada Day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts

Canada Day is the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of Canada Independence Day. July 1st, 1867 was the day when three colonies united into a single country free from the British Empire. The day is known as the Canada Day replaced from the name Dominion Day in 1982.

There is not much difference between the American and Canadian history, as both parts of the British and French colonies. But, gradually things changed for America with the rise of the American Revolution. On one hand, Americans stepped up for their rights and freedom, others thought they were safe under the British Empire. These so-called “United Empire Loyalist” moved up to Canada under the British rule.

1st of July is celebrated all across the nation with swimming pools, barbeques, and beers. The day starts with parades and speech and feels people with enthusiasm and proud of their country.

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Why Is Canada Day Celebrated: –

Why Is Canada day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts 3
Why Is Canada day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts 3

The British North Americans initiated the Dominion of Canada into the federation of provinces which were four provinces. This was the major event during that time and was known as confederation of Canada country. The British colonies like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada as a Province were divided into Quebec and Ontario.

The boundaries of Canada have been extended since 1867. Canada now exists in ten provinces and three territories. In the year 1868, the Governor of Canada proclaimed and announced that Canadians need to celebrate confederation anniversary. So, July 1st became a statutory day and also known as Dominion Day in the year 1879.

Even after the announcement, no official celebrations were undertaken at the 50th and the 60th anniversary of the Canada day in the year 1917 and in the year 1927. But since World War 2, many events were organized and Dominion Day was celebrated more frequently by the government.

Dominion Day became more popular and was more widespread after the confederation. Since then, July 1st was well liked by the citizens and was famously known as Canada day. This date was officially announced in the year 1983. Canada day was also celebrated at London’s Trafalgar Square in the year 2006. These celebrations are held annually and with great enthusiasm.

On the Canada day, Canada’s national flag is seen and people wear red and white clothing and paint their faces with these colours in honour of their national day. It is a statutory holiday means if July 1st falls on Sunday then Canada day is moved to July 2nd.

There is holiday various organizations, businesses and even to the schools and colleges. People in Canada celebrate their day with great Zest, outdoor activities, organize a range of events, concerts, carnivals, festivals, etc.

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Canada Day Importance | Importance Of Canada Day: –

Canada day is a federal day as the country takes an off to celebrate this day with national pride. July 1st commemorates the joining of the three provinces which are Nova Scotia, Brunswick, and Canada as a province itself and as one nation.

Earlier, it was celebrated as Dominion Day in the British Era but now people celebrate and recognize it is Canada day. Canadians celebrate the Canada day wholeheartedly and take it as a pride to give the day utmost importance.

Canada participates in the import business and imports the necessary items from the U.S. like fruits, vegetables, crude oil, energy items, chemicals, aircraft machinery, metals, cars and various parts of the car.

Similarly Canada exports helicopters, spacecraft, aeroplanes, turbo-jets, iron ores, concentrates, coal, and fuels to Germany. So, Canada as a country holds its own importance and for the country, the most prominent things include Health care, Freedom, Family, and Safety.

Canadians and citizens wanted some recognition and wanted peace and independence so Canada day which was announced during British era on July 1st was the D-Day where people celebrated the country and its pride with great zeal and enthusiasm.

And as we all know that Canada was formed as a country in the year 1982 which gave the citizens a big enough reason to celebrate and take an off from work in the country’s honour. Canadians celebrate the D-Day by social gatherings, arranging events and organizing activities and events for the people.

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Interesting Facts About Canada Day: –

Why Is Canada Day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts 2
Why Is Canada Day Celebrated, Importance, Interesting Facts 2

Fun Fact About Canada Day: –

Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of the Constitution Act that was signed on July 1, 1867. This was the day when the three British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada united to form a single country. Although most Canadians celebrate the national holiday in one way or another, many are not aware of the historical importance. Here are some interesting aspects of Canada Day that you can use to impress your neighbours.

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Did you know the below Canada Day Fact: –

  • This holiday received the legal value in 1879 and was designated as the Day of the
  • Canada was officially known as Domain Day until October 27, 1982.
  • Most neighbourhoods across the nation will arrange celebrations for Canada Day,
    which are frequently open-air public events, such as parades, carnivals, festivals,
    barbecues, air and maritime shows, fireworks and free music concerts, as well as
    nationality ceremonies.
  • The largest annual celebration of Canada Day takes place at Parliament Hill in
    Ottawa, followed by the festivities at Canada Place here in Vancouver.
  • Famous people born on Canada Day include Princess Diana, Liv Tyler, Pamela
    Anderson, Missy Elliott, Estee Lauder and Sydney Pollack.

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