What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Thoughts, Importance

What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Importance


What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Thoughts, Importance

Doctors are human disguise in god. The significance of doctors is they contribute to saving the individual’s lives. Their contribution is immense for communities. Wherever the medicine’s art is loved, love for humanity outgrows.

We all know that good observation, deep understanding, courage and honest practice about medical science makes a good doctor. A doctor has a great mind with novelty, utility, and charity. He/She is one kind of human who is ready to take selfless care of other humans. Doctors are aimed to serve the life of others and are really important in everyone’s life.

Doctor’s are not only known for diagnosing the illnesses but for also addressing our deep fears, loneliness, and other mental issues. They handle and relieve us from pain. These pain are not just physical pain but also mental pain.

They significantly improve the living and well-being and take a huge amount of risks in nurturing and saving the lives of their patients. Truly, they are everyday heroes! A Doctor works for a minimum of 60 hours per week and works under a lot of pressure being attentive to every patient. By just listening to them, we feel like striving and thriving for more! So, in this article we will see when is the National Doctor’s day celebrated and what importance does it hold? Let us check below

What is National Doctors Day?

What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Importance, Thoughts
What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Importance, Thoughts

Doctor’s day is a big awareness campaign which helps in offering and spreading awareness among the citizens about the roles, importance and responsibilities that field of medicine holds. This day is recognized and celebrated on July 1st every year in India.  This event includes general screening test and various camps to assess the health and its issues, counselling, nutrition talks among the poor and senior people of India.

Also, free blood tests, ECG, EEG, sugar test and various activities are organized about the priceless roles of the doctors in every patients and humans life. Many schools, colleges and medical professionals organize sports activities, quiz competitions on medicine topics, provide new techniques and help in implementing new strategies for the progress of medicine as a profession and saviour both.

Doctor’s day is celebrated because its significance in fulfilling a huge population’s health issues and saving people’s lives is profound is priceless.

What are the Ways to Celebrate the National Doctor’s Day?

We celebrated Doctor’s Day in various countries according to its history and each country’s significance. Various countries celebrate in a different way. Many people send emails including greeting cards, thanksgiving messages to the doctors. Some of the hospitals, employers or staff offer perks or gifts like gifts, pamper them with spa, etc to the doctors.

Many people often treat their doctors on the National Doctor’s Day by giving them a treat at lunch or dinner and also includes throwing parties for their doctors and providing complete holiday and relaxing day to them.

Various companies like Hallmark and others offer greeting cards to the doctors and sell it specifically on Doctor’s Day. A card with a flower is offered to the deceased physician in fond memory. Undoubtedly, you can plan any kind of celebration to help your doctor.

Praising them for hard work and dedication of their hospital, commitment for their patients and community. Let us check a few quick and easy ways through which you can opt to have the agenda of doctor’s day.

1) Praise your physician:

You can praise your Doctor for the contribution and dedication they have delivered to take quality care of us. Also, you can tell others to do the same. It looks like a small gesture but can impact through small words like ”Thank You” make lots of difference. Even you can wish them “Happy Doctor’s Day” by text, calling or by handshake gesture.

2) Host a Lunch for the Doctor:

You can organize a team breakfast, lunch or potluck party. You can invite the nurses, health professionals, and other staff at the team party and prepare a dessert or snack at home to make them feel special.

3) Present your Doctor with Red carnation:

The doctor is known to represent the quality of love, sacrifice, courage, and bravery so Red carnation is the symbolic flower for the Doctor’s.

4) Arrange a spa treatment to de-stress:

You can book an appointment with a therapist to pamper the physician and de-stress and de-clutter from the regular chaos. This is the best way to pamper them and spread the message of love.

5) Prepare a card:

You can invite all the patients to prepare note cards for the patients and have a contribution to serve them.

6) Prepare videos online:

We can prepare WhatsApp videos or other videos which features your physician and encourage everyone to like it on the channel.

7) Prepare for a charity:

You can create a page of charity for online donation and send personal acknowledgements to the physician and its contribution with his/ her name.

Thoughts on Doctor’s day: –

What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Thoughts, Importance
What is National Doctors Day, Ways To Celebrate, Thoughts, Importance

Well, what can we say more about doctors? They are the backbone of the hospital, clinics as well as patients life. The doctors who are physicians are general practitioners that perform their duties in order to save their lives and treat the patients selflessly. They work in an atmosphere where they have to take all the good with the bad. So, a gift of appreciation on National Doctor’s day can make a small difference in their lives too. Doctors can be specialized in various fields and technologies in each and every field have emerged and can cure patient’s chronic diseases. Doctor’s are quite industrious and work dedicatedly in order to make the patient healthier and happier.

National Doctors Day Importance: – 

Doctors are made to save lives but the importance of doctors is beyond the words. Doctors help us get relieved from the physical as well as mental pain. They make a difference by minimizing pain, recovering from a virus or disease and also help us to learn to accept any kind of disabling injuring and learn to live with it.

A patient who enjoys and lives life fully even if he/she can’t be cured makes a difference and is the greatest achievement to the doctors. And if the patient has undergone the treatment and could go back to work then it benefits the employer and this explains that doctors are important and plays a significant role in our society.

Doctors provide preventive medicines which are a health gap between the rich and poor populations.  Doctors help in stopping epidemic diseases like Black death and chicken pox which killed millions of people right through history. Doctors help educate people that in today’s internet age, the only Google cannot solve every health problem and one cannot become a self-doctor. Doctor’s have the knowledge and based on that they are capable of prescribing medicines of health.

Doctors help shape our health policies. The state, local and federal governments provide big influence on the communities and their health. They keep a regular check up on our safety to drink the right food, drink safer water, and have regular check up on health-related issues if any. Doctors act as a medium in the health policy and push the government so that the public gets the benefit.

Can you imagine a patient is not treated and is weeping and begging for life?? The very thought of it gives me goosebumps and is also heart-wrenching to think about it. Now, you know and can imagine the importance of Doctor in our life! Doctors truly are heroes of our nation and should be saluted on National Doctor’s day!