Things To Do On Canada Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go

Things To Do On Canada Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go


Things To Do On Canada Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go

Canada got liberated from Great Britain on July 1, 1867. The nation is created by joining three colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. There was no commemoration day until the year 1879. This day was known as Dominion Day until the year 1982. It is officially called Canada Day since July 1983. It is a public holiday in Canada.

All the businesses and schools are closed on this day. It is the 152nd birthday of Canada. The celebrations began in 1917. Canadians enjoy celebrating Canada day drinking their favourite drinks, enjoying delicious snacks and foods.

You can celebrate Canada Day with friends and family by taking a short walk along Niagara Falls. You can also explore various cities in the nation on Canada Day. It also has a number of secluded places to enjoy romance with your beautiful and attractive girlfriend. Read on to know how to spend on Canada Day in Canada.

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Things To Do On Canada Day: –

Things To Do On Canada Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go
Things To Do On Canada Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go

A lot of events are organized in Canada Day in towns and cities. You can participate in a lot of events like enjoying delicious pancake birthday and watching gigantic fireworks. It is really mind-blowing to watch fireworks of such a large scale in Canada.

1) Show Jumping

Those, who love thrill and fun, can watch show jumping on Canada Day. This event takes place close to the Rocky Mountains. It involves horses and men. It is an exciting and attractive sports event for everyone to gets thrilled and enjoys every moment of the sport. You can hold your breath while the jumping event takes place imagining what will happen next. You should not miss this spectacular event in your life.

2) Watch The Peddling Race and Listen To Music: –

You can listen to music while watching the peddling race at Calgary. You can also checkout the circus performers. Every moment in the circus is breathtaking and excites your mind. You should not miss this event on Canada Day. There are food trucks to fill your stomach with delicious and yummy snacks, tasty drinks and a lot more.

3) Clock Tower Beach

Those loving to spend with family and friends can flock to Clock Tower Beach on Canada Beach. It is awesome and located close to the Clock Tower. It is charming to sit under the umbrellas and enjoy on Canada Day. You can go for a boat ride with kids. It is amazing. It is also perfect for spending evenings or during weekends. Why wait? Flock this beach with your girlfriend to spend some quality moments. You can also watch the clock tower.

4) Voiles en Voiles

It is a nice park for families to spend quality time on Canada Day. It is nice for adults and kids to enjoy. You can indulge in activities like inflatable games, aerial adventure courses, sliding, and climbing. It charges a fee of $12 for these enjoyable games and activities.

5) Marche de Possibles: –

It features food trucks, musical performances, a beer garden, pop up restaurants, and an artisanal market. Marche de Possibles market is situated between Bernard and Rue St. Dominique. It is a nice place to spend Canada Day and to enjoy musical performances. You can purchase a new wardrobe, and relax in the garden.

6) 21st Cannon Salute: –

You can go to an old port to watch the traditional gun salute every 21 minutes on July 1 from afternoon onwards. You can also enjoy a lot of family-friendly activities like face painting, street entertainment, cakes, and inflatable games on Canada Day.

7) Romantic Setting at Old Port: –

You can listen to the music played by topnotch Canadian Musicians with your beautiful loved one while overlooking at romantic setting at an Old Port. The Canada Day Concert begins at 8:30 PM. You can also sparkle fireworks from 10 PM onwards.

8) Montreal Avudo: –

This mind-blowing water show projects life-size images on water walls. You should not miss this spectacular event.

9) British Columbia Park: –

It is home to over 40 species of animals and birds. It is perfect for families with kids. Your kids can watch wildlife including cougars, birds, reptiles, mountain goats, bison, geese, racoons, bears and arctic wolves.

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How to Celebrate Canada Day?

Things To Do On Canada-Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go
Things To Do On Canada-Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go

You can celebrate Canada day at the Heritage Park on July 1, 2019, from Morning 10 AM to 5 PM in the evening. There is no better place to celebrate the 152nd birthday of Canada than at Heritage Park.

The guests can enjoy mouthwatering dishes and pancakes at breakfast. However, you need to get a paid admission before 10.30 AM to the Park. You can buy the admission now itself to enter faster into the Park on July 1, 2019.

You can enter the moving postcard to watch wagons, antique vehicles, and cheer at townsfolk on the Dominion Day. The Parade starts at 11 AM. The starting of the event depends on the weather on that day.

You can enjoy unlimited fun throughout the day. You and your family including kids can indulge in a lot of crafts, fun games and old fashioned games. You should not miss the mouthwatering dishes at the BBQ tent.

1) Celebrate Canada Day at Fort Langley Village

Those looking for want lot of enjoyment and fun can head to Fort Langley Village. Several community partners will bring arts and lot more to attract the large gathering and make the day enjoyable. It provides a multicultural and heritage experience for the visitors.

The major attractions at this event include jugglers, wheelbarrow races, balloon twisters, historical reenactments, cultural performers, and birthday cake.

You can dress up in the colours of the nation: red and white and showcase your Canada pride on this important day. Some Canadians also paint their body to match the outfit. You can also change the colour of your hair temporarily to celebrate Canada Day.

You can apply red maple leaves on your arms, cheeks and legs. You can also apply to paint red and white to the nails. You can celebrate the Canada day weaving Canada flag.

You can invite family members and friends to participate in the Canada Day celebrations. The home can be decorated with red maple leaves or red and white streamers on this 152nd independence day.

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2) Delicious foods

You can arrange to cook delicious and tasty foods like Canadian Pizza, Baklava, French fries with cheese curds and gravy, fried clams or Lobster rolls, and cupcakes and enjoy with family and friends. The guests can satisfy their taste buds and fill their empty stomach.

3) Explore the nation

You can plan a visit to roam around the nation and enjoy watching man-made and natural marvels. Each city in Canada has a number of options to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities.

You can explore the beautiful countryside, natural wildlife and Canada’s history. Those looking for outdoor adventures can head to Alberta. You can go for a horseback ride and enjoy watching wildflowers.

You can spend some time to learn about the history of Canada. You can visit the Quebec based History Museum. You can also know about the Hockey Hall of Fame sports in Toronto.

You can attend parades in cities on Canada Day. The parades comprise marching bands or local floats. You can also witness celebrity appearances, and enjoy circus acts and Musial shows.

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Places To Go On Canada Day: –

Things To Do On Canada-Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go 2
Things To Do On Canada-Day, How To Celebrate, Places To Go 2

1) Vancouver

Vancouver boasts an awesome mountain landscape and gorgeous coastline. It is one of the best places for travellers and thrillers to enjoy outdoors. It is blessed with urban beaches, extensive parks, and laid back charm.

The guests looking to spend their quality time can plan a visit to the city. It also boasts scenic landscapes. The travellers can participate in snow ski activities in the mountains. You can stroll through lush parks and swim in the oceans.

The modern city is also the best place for festivals, dynamic cultural life and attractions. Stanley Park is one of the best places in this city with woodlands, gardens, green spaces, and green spaces. It is the best place for nature lovers to spend their quality time with friends and family. You can satisfy your taste buds with yummy and mouthwatering dishes in Granville based food market.

2) Quebec City

It is the capital city in Quebec province. It boasts French architecture. The visitors can enjoy freshly baked bread, a nice aroma of espresso coffee in the cobblestone streets. You can enjoy by visiting sexy night clubs, funky restaurants, and French ambience. You can buy a pair of shoes that are waterproof and durable. It is the best pair to spend your day in Quebec City.

3) Calgary

Those looking to enjoy participating in winter sports, and watch majestically perched foothills can flock to this city. You can hold your breath while embarking on ski slopes and hiking trails. It is also the best place to enjoy shopping and watch the sports team at Saddledome.

4) Niagara Falls

Young couple looking to enjoy a romantic trip can head to Niagara Falls. It is also the best place for families and friends to spend a vacation. It offers a number of activities including live music, theatre, museums, cruises, golfing, camping, and shopping besides alluring waterfalls. You should not miss this serene place on Canada Day. Whatever be the season, it offers delights and pleasure to the guests. People from across the world visit Niagara Falls every year to enjoy holidays.

5) Prince Edward Island

It is the smallest Island. You can enjoy historic architecture. You can stroll on beautiful beaches, and taste yummy and delicious seafood. You can also watch immortalized red rocky cliffs. You can check into the hotels at bargain rates to spend your holidays on this small Island.

6) Ottawa

It is the capital city of Canada. Travellers from across the world throng to this place to spend their vacation. You can enjoy a number of cultures worldwide.  You can take a small walk through the parliament hall and stroll along the Rideau Canal. Those, who love museums, can visit the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. You can book in advance for best deals on hotels and enjoy Canada Day in Ottawa.

7) Toronto

It is the best place to take a thrilling walk on the wild side of Canada. You can go for an Edge Walk adventure. It offers a lot of attractions for the tourists.

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