Somalia Independence Day 2020 | Somali Independence Day

Somalia Independence Day


Somalia Independence Day 2020 | Somali Independence Day

Somalia Independence Day is observed on 1st July every year. Somalia has earned independence from the clutches of British on 1st July 1960. Prior to the coming of the British to Somalian land, Muslims used to dominate the entire country.

On this date, the people celebrate the unification of the State of Somaliland, which is considered British Somaliland and the Trust Territory of Somaliland, which is considered the Italian Somalia. The unification of these two regions means to form a strong government. Aden Abdullah Osman Daar and Abdullahi Issa have formed the government.

Aden Abdullah Osman Daar and Abdirashid Ali Shermarke emerged as president and prime minister respectively on this date. The government started the composition of the constitution in 1960 and came into force in the year of 1961. On this date, people of Somalia enthusiastically come and celebrate Independence Day in a prolific manner.

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How do the People of Somalia Celebrate the Independence Day: 

Somalia Independence Day - How do the People of Somalia Celebrate the Independence Day
Somalia Independence Day – How do the People of Somalia Celebrate the Independence Day

Perhaps all of you may think that the celebration of independence day is Somalia is not as grandeur as India or some other developing and developed countries. All the states of the country come forward and celebrate the day with full enthusiasm. The members of the local club arrange a hymn and respect session in the morning when all the people of the community flock to gather that place and convey their regard to the victim of national struggle.

In addition, they pay their respect by putting the flowers beneath the flag. Some of them arranging a singing competition through which they celebrate the day. They sing patriotic song meant to pay respect to the martyr during the reign of the British. They even arrange a band party through which they dance and make some gesture with fun.

Their celebration starts a week before the independence day. They also staged a drama through which they display the essence of tyranny which was practised by the British on a regular basis.

Through performing the drama, they show the actual intention of British and their tyranny against them. Apart from that, the government of Somalia arranges debate show in some of the regions of the country about the sacrifice of the martyr which once taken place against the British.

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History Behind Independence Day in Somalia: 

Somalia Independence Day - History
Somalia Independence Day – History

All of you know that sweet fruit does not come without sweating. This phrase directly supports the history of the Independence Day of Somalia. Apart from the leaders of the country, thousands of common citizens protested and raised the slogan against the tyrannical British government.

Many of you perhaps do not have any idea or knowledge about the history of Somalia. However, this article addresses you about the rich history of Somalia and their struggle against the almighty British.

Somalia was home to many ethnic groups for over the centuries. The country retained its importance through trading with most of the countries. You will be delighted to know that the merchants of the country were considered the main supplier of myrrh, frankincense and spices.

In those days, these used to consider precious things. Due to the business activities, the Somalian traders get in touch with the Muslims on the other bank of the Red Sea. Since then the religion, Islam spread across the country.

At the time of inception of Islamic religion into the region, many emperors used to dominate the country for centuries. However, the dominance of the British over the region destroyed everything, which once used to exist in the region. The dark clouds of imperialism covered the whole country with the inception of British power into the nation.

In the 19th century, through a treatise, the British and the Italian captured some of the coastal parts of Somalia. Later, it was named as British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland. At the later period, the Dervish movement of Mohammad Abdullah Hassan has shaken the empire of British and Italian. But in 1920, the air gun of British has stopped the movement in a straight manner.

Later, the Italian has acquired the full control of the land as they captured the northeastern, north and central region of the country. This accession was continuing until 1941 when the British administration replaced it. However, the northwestern part of Somalia remains protective. However, the central, northeastern, southern Somalia has become the United Nations trusteeship on 1 April 1950 with a promise of giving independence after 10 years. The promise comes into existence on 1st July 1960.

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