Why We Celebrate National Science Day Information, History, Theme, Importance

Why We Celebrate National Science Day Information, History, Importance, Theme


Why We Celebrate National Science Day Information, History, Importance, Theme

National Science Day is one of the most known observance day celebrated in the nation. We celebrate National Science Day to Mark the invention of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C V Raman on 28 February 1928.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman also sir. C.V. Raman is a scientist who had also respected with the Noble prize. He was the first Asian to respected with Noble Prize winner.  We celebrate National Science Day on 28th February.

The National Science Day was first observed on 28th February 1986. This day of commenced when the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) asked the government of India in which the government of India accepted and declared the day as National Science Day.

Basically, we celebrate National Science Day on this occasion is to spread the awareness and importance of science with its application among the people.

National Science day is celebrated as one of the most important science festivals in India every year.

On this day student’s of various schools celebrate this day by presenting a science project, science paper research and much more activities we can experience on this day.

History Of National Science Day:

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In the year 1928, Indian scientist C V Raman has invented a new effect known as Raman Effect. And by 1930, Sir C.V. Raman awarded the Noble Prize in Physics.

Let us also not forget the contribution of Sir K.S. Krishnan, Sir C.V. Raman’s co-worker, who, sadly, did not share the Nobel Prize due to some professional differences between the two. But Sir CV Raman Nobel acceptance’s speech was filled with the contribution he has made.

As sir C.V. Raman was the first Asian as well as Indian to get the award of Nobel Prize in Physics and it was the proud moment for India. So in 1986, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) asked the government of India to celebrate National Science Day on February 28th.

This will help the nation to remember the work of Sir C.V. Raman towards science and respect for his work which made our country proud.

During the first year of National Science Day on 28th February 1987, NCSTC announced the institution of the National Science Popularization awards for recognizing outstanding efforts in the area of science communication and popularization.

Today NSD(National Science Day) is celebrated all over the country especially in schools, colleges, universities and other academic, scientific, technical, medical and research institutions.

What is the Raman Effect: –

Raman effect, change in the wavelength of light exhibited by some electromagnetic radiation or light beam while travelling through a transparent medium and getting deflected by the molecules present in the medium. When this light beam travels a transparent object of chemical compound a small fraction of light emerges in the direction other than that of the incoming beam.

The Raman effect deals with the shift in frequency of light waves (specifically IR but it applies to all EM radiation) when it passes through a molecule.

Why We Celebrate National Science Day With Information: –


Science is the most important aspect in our society and everyone should have awareness about science. There should be more and more participation in the science field as our nation needs a more blooming scientist to help and develop our nation.

So, spreading awareness of the science and realising its importance is crucial.

Another reason for celebrating National Science Day or NSD is, in 1928 when Sir Chandrashekar Venkat Raman, or popularly know to be C.V. Raman, discovered Raman Effect. It is something that was going to change understanding and future.

This discovery of Sir C.V. Raman that win him the Nobel prize in physics in the year 1930. This discovery let Sir C.V. Raman be the first Asian and Indian to receive the Nobel Prize in the field of science.

The discovery that was designated National Historic Chemical Landmark by the American Chemical Society in recognition of its significance as a tool for analyzing the composition of liquids, gases, and solids, the discovery that explains the innocent question we all have in our childhood, “Why the sea water is blue”. And today we called it Raman scattering!

National Science Day Theme: –

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National Science Day is a special occasion to popularize the awareness of science. Each year National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) announces a theme which is always concurrent to present problems or demand with science. This helps people especially student to think of such topic to recreate a better solution with the help of science.

Below are the Themes and the year in which it has been announced.

Sr. No Year Theme
1. 1999 Our Changing Earth
2. 2000 Recreating Interest in Basic Science
3. 2001 Information Technology for Science Education
4. 2002 Wealth From Waste
5. 2003 50 years of DNA & 25 years of IVF – The Blueprint of Life
6. 2004 Encouraging Scientific Awareness in Community
7. 2005 Celebrating Physics
8. 2006 Nurture Nature for our future
9. 2007 More Crop Per Drop
10. 2008 Understanding the Planet Earth
11. 2009 Expanding Horizons of Science
12. 2010 Gender Equity, Science & Technology for Sustainable Development
13. 2011 Chemistry in Daily Life
14. 2012 Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety
15. 2013 Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security
16. 2014 Fostering Scientific Temper
17. 2015 Science for Nation Building
18. 2016 Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation
19. 2017 Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons
20. 2018 Science and Technology for a sustainable future
21. 2019 To Be Announced