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International Day Of Cooperatives, Theme – International Co-operative Day The International Day of Co-operatives is celebrated on 6th July every year. The day has been celebrated across the world since 1923. As per the sources, the International Co-operative Alliance has taken the initiative of celebrating the International Co-operatives Day. However, since the year of 1995, the day has been celebrated by both International Co-operative Alliance and United Nations. In 2019, it will be 96th International Co-operatives Day and 25th United Nations Co-operative Day. The theme of this year International Co-operative Day is “COOPS 4 DECENT WORK”. The main objective of celebrating the day is to enable the enterprise running their business or activities in a prolific manner. It aims to emphasize on human and social development in the workplace. Also See: – Somalia Independence Day

International Day Of Cooperative History:

Without history, nothing exists in the world. So, it too has history, which will surely enhance your general knowledge. As per the record, the first cooperative comes from a small town named Fenwick, Scotland in 1761. In Fenwick, at the well-furnished cottage, local weavers filled a sack of oatmeal in the whitewashed front room of John Walker and started selling the contents at a discount rate. Thus, Fenwick weavers’ society emerged as the first cooperative society in the world. To talk about the first modern co-operative business, it must include the incident, which has taken place in the year of 1844. A group of 28 artisans used to work in cotton mills in Rochdale situated in the north of England. However, the weavers one day faced difficulty, which should have been addressed by the government strong handedly. But the government has not shown any sympathy towards them. They faced poor working conditions as well as the high price of the commodity, which led and obliged them to live a poor life. Later they decided to decrease their misery by living together. They decided to access a better life by working and living together. Primarily, they used to sell oatmeal, sugar, flour and butter. Thus they formed Rochdale Pioneers Society. It is considered a modern co-operative society. They are also considered the founder of the modern cooperative movement. Today the success of this sector will somehow surprise you. In today’s time, the sector is considered to have 1 billion members worldwide. It is estimated that co-operative society has directly or indirectly given job to nearly 350 million people worldwide. This whopping figure indicates the success of this sector worldwide. The $2.30 trillion is generated by the top 300 co-operatives across the world. This data is collected according to the survey of the 2016 World Co-operative Monitor. Know More: – International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

International Day Of Cooperative Theme: –

International Day Of Cooperative, Theme
International Day Of Cooperative, Theme
Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations have been setting the theme for the celebration of the International Day through the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC). It groups the ICA, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the ILO, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the World Farmers’ Organization (WFO). These themes are used to make front choices and examine the current problem the world is facing. To make this choice you need to find out the issue society is facing and from that, the theme is raised. The theme is then used to create awareness among the people.
Sr. No Year Theme
1 1995 The ICA Centennial and the Next 100 Years of International Co-operation
2 1996 Co-operative Enterprise: Empowerment for People-centred Sustainable Development
3 1997 The Co-operative Contribution to World Food Security
4 1998 Cooperatives and the Globalization of the Economy
5 1999 Public Policy and Co-operative Legislation
6 2000 Co-operatives and Employment Promotion
7 2001 The Co-operative Advantage in the Third Millennium
8 2002 Society and Co-operatives: Concern for Community
9 2003 Co-operatives Make Development Happen!: The contribution of co-operatives to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
10 2004 Co-operatives for Fair Globalisation: Creating Opportunities for All
11 2005 Microfinance is OUR business! Cooperating out of poverty
12 2006 Peace-building through Co-operatives
13 2007 Co-operative Values and Principles for Corporate Social responsibility
14 2008 Confronting Climate Change through Co-operative Enterprise
15 2009 Driving Recovery through Co-operative Enterprise
16 2010 Cooperative Enterprise Empowers Women
17 2011 Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise
18 2012 Co-operative enterprises build a better world.
19 2013 Cooperative enterprise remains strong in time of crisis.
20 2014 Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.
21 2015 Choose co-operatives, choose equality
22 2016 Cooperatives: The power to act for a sustainable future.
23 2017 Co-operatives ensure no one is left behind
24 2018 Sustainable consumption and production

International Day Of Cooperative Significance: –

International Day Of Cooperative, Theme
International Day Of Cooperative, Theme
The Co-operatives are considered the associations and enterprise through which the citizen of the respected nations improve their quality of lives by contributing to the social, economic and political advancement of their nation as well as the community. The movement of co-operative society is recognized as one of the major and key stakeholders in the national and international arena. The main objective of the cooperative society is to enhance the wealth and reducing the rate of poor in the national and international level. The results of the activity of the co-operative movement are the proper flow of capital to the co-operative society, democratically control. The function of the co-operative society is not to engage fully with capital. They emphasize priority to the “people-centred” theory which enables them to carry out their task efficiently and show they are more sensitive to the welfare of people across the world. It is already clear that the function of co-operative society is much inclined to the development of its internal acitivities. However, it also shows interest in the development of the local community. They want to develop their community by empowering the members of the community. They are sensible and enthusiastic enough to maintain their commitment by doing every possible welfare for the members of the community. The co-operative society is committed to developing the society economically, socially and environmentally. The commitment of the co-operative society can be seen in their endorsement towards the activities of society, and in decision making that determines the impact on the communities of the society. The co-operative movement is highly democratic and autonomous. The co-operative society is internationally integrated and a form of associations through which people can meet their desired goal. They can also overcome poverty, secure self-esteem and encourage the integration globally. Also see: – International Day of World Indigenous Peoples History, Theme

How to celebrate International Co-operatives Day: –

International Co-operative Day can be celebrated in different ways. Most of the developed nations have taken a few avenues to celebrate this day. Most of the countries arrange a debate show or in some countries, they celebrate the day by attending different functions. Every year, the UN set a theme which indicates the importance and demand of maintaining their integrity in the day. The theme of the International Co-operatives Day enable the global policymakers to implement better ways of addressing and handling the problem in international communities. Some of the cultured communities arrange a discussion show which is attended by every person who can relate their problem in the modern world. It is very interesting that everybody is taken into consideration irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and status in the discussion stage. Apart from the discussion, many communities arrange debate and dance show through which they display the importance of co-operation in the modern world. In some of the places, some scholar and co-operative movement members discuss the economic and political situation in the world. T his discussion enables them to understand current politics as well as the financial situation in the world. In addition, the officials of the cooperative society meet and discuss the regular problem and hurdles of their life one by one. The members of the community often stage a dram regarding the importance of this day on 6th July to commemorate the day forever. By staging the drama, they want to showcase the present scenario of the world as well as the functions of a co-operative society which has been continuously taking place across the world. More: Link