Canada Day History, Date, Significance, Traditions

Canada Day, History, Date, Significance, Traditions


Canada Day, History, Date, Significance, Traditions

Canada Day is the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of Canada Independence Day. July 1st, 1867 was the day when three colonies united into a single country free from the British Empire. The day is known as the Canada Day replaced from the name Dominion Day in 1982.

There is not much difference between the American and Canadian history, as both parts of the British and French colonies. But, gradually things changed for America with the rise of the American Revolution. On one hand, Americans stepped up for their rights and freedom, others thought they were safe under the British Empire. These so-called “United Empire Loyalist” moved up to Canada under the British rule.

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Canada Day Date: –

1st of July is celebrated all across the nation with swimming pools, barbeques, and beers. The day starts with parades and speech and feels people with enthusiasm and proud of their country.

Canada Day History: –

Canada Day History, Date, Significance, Traditions
Canada Day History, Date, Significance, Traditions

The history of Canada Day starts from here – Before becoming part of the British Empire in 1763, the major part of Canada was ruled under the French. The seven-year war between the French and British ruled out French from major parts of Canada. When American declared Independence, there were a bunch of people who still wanted to be part of the British Empire.

These loyalists moved up to Canada, the only possible reason was neither one of them had to run their own administration. Most of the Canadian had no interest in becoming independent. This led to conflict between French speakers and poor English speakers as none of them were allowed to part of in charge of anything.

The all let to a lot of guys getting drunk at bar and riots. During this time, an alcoholic lawyer named John A. McDonald (first Canadian president) got a bunch of guys in the parliament of different provinces together to unite and form one big parliament called Canada.

Even after, the first United meeting, many years were spend until July 1, 1867, Canada has confederated. But, this wasn’t there Independence Day, as they didn’t have any foreign policy, no rights to amend their constitution and no flag.

In 1964, Prime Minister Lester B.Pearson suggested getting a flag but nothing sharing from the British. Most Canadian spend more years in discussing whether they wanted to have their own flag or not. You must be thinking that the great flag debate of 1964 must be the year, Canada got their Independence — No.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau realized the only way to hold his country together was to have control over the constitution. In 1982, he passed the constitution act which meant Canada was in charge of Canada. Even though, hundreds of years spent slowly to the steps of Independence. Remember, they did it with no wars and no loss.

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Canada Day Significance:

Canada Day History, Date, Significance, Traditions
Canada Day History, Date, Significance, Traditions

Canada day was the turning point and was remarked after World War 2 and liberated as an independent nation. The Germans finally surrendered after the Nazi domination which remained the largest operated army in the warfare.

It was an important day because Nazis were overthrown as it affected many people lives and did not fulfil the objectives of common people. This battle changed and converted the major course of the war.

In the year 1982, the scenario completely changed Canada was divided into 4 provinces and declared July 1st as Dominion Day and Canada as a Kingdom of its own right, an independent nation.

Canada day coincides with Quebec’s Moving day, where many citizens lease apartments contracts expired. The bill changed the day from May 1st to July 1st so that the school of the kids does not affect because of this day.

Canada day hold utmost significance as the citizens and the country is endlessly decentralized. There is no such recipe or thing on how to celebrate the D-Day. It all depends on the nature of the public and the nation.

Many events are mounted in various public places and many people also celebrate Canada day privately. As the country’s nature is federation and independence so it all depends upon its citizens as a country.

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Canada Day Tradition: –

Canadians have maintained their traditions while celebrating Canada Day. If you want to celebrate the day then doing a parade can be a great idea. It will raise your patriotism. You can also take part in the RCMP musical ride which is organized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Apart from that, Canadians prefer to roam around the city with their friends or their loved ones. They have also other preferences to do on this day such as participating in sporting events, festivals, picnic, and fireworks.

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Canadian Way of Celebrating Independence Day

When it comes to celebrating Independence nothing much separates the bordering countries. Canadians celebrate their day seeing the firework show, time out with friends, eating Canadian bacon, wearing a toque. The morning starts with parades and speech, the holiday is well spend drinking beers and playing hockey.

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